Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Enduraplas brand been around?

Our product range first appeared globally in 1990, and was launched under the Enduraplas brand in North America at the beginning of 2003.

Does Enduraplas sell direct to the public?

Enduraplas only sells to authorized dealers. These local dealers can be located via our website or by calling 877-877-4370

Is there a surcharge if I pay via credit card?

Credit card payments incur no surcharge.

What is my account managers mobile number?

Please call 877-877-4370 for your account managers mobile number.


Vertical and Horizontal tanks from 150 gallons and larger are covered by our 7 year warranty. This includes 5 year free replacement with an additional 2 year pro-rate on manufacture defects.

All other plastic manufactured by Enduraplas: Sprayer tanks, Livestock equipment, Diesel and DEF tanks, etc. are covered by 2 year warranty.

All add on components such as pumps, valves, hoses, etc. are covered by 1 year warranty unless expressly stated that they have a longer original manufacturer warranty.

Click here for a copy of our full warranty statement