Water Transport Tanks

Horizontal Water Tanks

Transporting and storing water presents a challenge no matter the nature of your work. That’s why Enduraplas offers a huge selection of horizontal water tanks, just one of our many products that can improve your ability to properly transport and store precious liquid resources.

We know that no two operations are exactly the same, which is why our selection offers a diverse range of options. You’ll find horizontal water tanks in a variety of sizes, ranging from 300 to 3,200 gallons. This lets you choose the horizontal leg tank that will best fit your space and liquid requirements.

Water Safe for Drinking

Water security is important. You need to carefully store and transport it to avoid spills, leaks and other accidents. But water safety is just as important. What’s happening to the water while it sits safely inside a horizontal leg tank?

At Enduraplas, you can get horizontal water tanks made of food-grade poly. These horizontal poly tanks are algae-resistant, and each promises your water will arrive at its destination safe for drinking. With water in high demand and at high expense these days, it’s important that none of it goes to waste. That’s why we developed horizontal water tanks that protect your water like the important resource it is.

Long-lasting Performance

Horizontal water tanks should be a long-term investment that pays big dividends for years to come. At Enduraplas, we put each product through rigorous design, testing and manufacturing processes to ensure it serves your organization well over the long-term.

Our pin-mounting system keeps our horizontal water tanks secure during transport, and our seamless construction helps protect against general wear and tear. Horizontal water tanks from Enduraplas can become valued assets as you store and transport liquids at your operation.

Trustworthy Water Management

As with any product, you can find discount horizontal water storage tanks on the market. These generic tanks may promise the performance you need, but can you count on them in harsh environments and under rugged use?

At Enduraplas, we imagine our products used in challenging conditions, and we manufacture them to withstand these challenges. Each product in our diverse selection offers quality and durability. When you need tools for liquid management, Enduraplas can serve as your trusted partner.

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