Surge Control Ball Baffles

Water and liquid management takes balance. On one hand, you need to be able to easily transport liquids from one place to another. On the other hand, you need to protect water and other liquid resources, because they may be scarce, expensive or both.

At Enduraplas, you’ll find baffle balls that provide the perfect solution. Quality baffle balls reduce loss of water or other liquid during transport, making it easy to move large quantities. For a small investment in baffle balls, you can help protect resources that represent a far more significant investment.

Products That Deliver Solutions

Check out our inventory of surge control baffle balls, which ranges from 7.5-inch to 14-inch. These baffle balls are suitable for use in tanks made of any material: steel, poly, fiberglass, aluminum and more.

When you use one of our surge control baffle balls, you’ll notice the reduction in fluid movement as you move your liquid from place to place, even on the most challenging off-road surfaces. Our philosophy is to design and develop products that anticipate and meet the needs of organizations responsible for moving large quantities of liquid. These baffle balls are a result of that rigorous process. They represent a simple solution to liquid management challenges at your operation.

Quality You Can Count On

We focus on quality when manufacturing each product, from large water storage tanks to the smallest of baffle balls. Made from food-grade, high-quality materials, our baffle balls work just as easily with potable water as with diesel and other fuels.

Lightweight and easily attachable to one another, these balls provide a huge return on investment as you stabilize important liquid loads. You’ll find effective performance and long-term durability when you choose Enduraplas for baffle balls.

Your Water Management Partner

Your liquid management needs aren’t limited to just one tank or one set of baffle balls. Your needs are diverse and unique. That’s why we offer a diverse collection of water management tools, each representing the same level of quality and durability we pack into our baffle balls.

If your organization needs dependable water management, we want to partner with you. Our products can help you secure and protect loads in storage and transport. For all of your water management needs, take advantage of the quality products and honest, reliable service you find at Enduraplas.

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