Rain Harvesting Tanks

It is common these days to hear stories in the news about droughts and water restrictions. It has been a regular occurrence for years in California and the southwestern States, but more and more areas across the US are now suffering from low water levels in the summer months as well.

One of the easiest ways to combat this is to harvest the rainwater coming from your roof. When the thermometer starts climbing and water is becoming scarce, make sure you have a full poly rainwater tank for your plants, garden and crops. An Enduraplas large or small rainwater tank is designed to last and keep your water clean and algae-free. We use top-quality construction and intelligent design to ensure your tank is robust and leak free.

A Size for Every Property

You might think rainwater collection is only for large farms and ranches. But even a small property can benefit from harvesting rainwater. You can install a rainwater harvesting tank to capture the rain from your house, garage or even a small shed. We have tanks that range in volume, diameter and height, which means you can pick the model that fits best in the space you have available. We even have different colors to choose, from so your tank blends in discreetly.

Because your water storage tank for rainwater harvesting will be sitting outside, you need it to be tough and resistant. We build all of our tanks, large and small, with the following features:

  • Food-grade polyethylene plastic, acceptable for drinking water.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance as well as resistance to UV rays.
  • Strong wall construction with strengthening ribs for impact protection.
  • Large reinforced dormers for installing your fittings and plumbing.
  • Sturdy tops and lids that resist bowing and caving.


As you can see, we put a lot of effort into the design and manufacturing of your rainwater harvesting plastic tank. We offer a wide range of tanks, from small models for urban homeowners to large rainwater collectors for larger properties, farms, businesses and ranches. We even offer slimline models, that are extremely narrow, for placement in a small space or alongside a building.

Won’t Rust

One of the biggest advantages of a poly plastic rain harvesting tank is its resistance to corrosion. Even years from now, your tank will still be keeping your water fresh and clear — with no contamination, rust or algae bloom. Why not give us a call (877) 877-4370 and let us tell you more? We can help you choose your Enduraplas poly rainwater tank today!