Water Storage Tanks

Enduraplas Water Management Solutions

People all have their own reasons for storing water. You may hold drinking water for livestock, to irrigate your crops or to ensure an emergency supply of water for your family. Depending on your needs, the volume you store will vary. For all types and volumes of water storage, Enduraplas has a storage solution for you. With a huge range of sizes, you can find a bulk water tank for every situation. Designed for strength as well as corrosion and erosion resistance — even in harsh conditions — an Enduraplas polyethylene water tank will last for years and provide you with the reliable water storage you count on for your farm, business and family.

Major Types of Tanks

At Enduraplas, we have three major lines of water storage tanks. Each is designed with a specific use in mind, and they are optimized for the type, volume and use of water you’re storing. They also come in a huge range of sizes:

  • Water transport tanks — Available in 300 to 3,200 gallon sizes, these tanks are made from food-grade materials to resist algae formation and to keep your water clean and pure. We use a pin-mount leg system that resists wear and requires less maintenance than typical horizontal tank systems with banded legs.


  • Drinking water tanks — Available in 790 to 10,000 gallon sizes, our polyethylene drinking water storage tanks incorporate a ribbed tank and roof design for added strength. Algae-resistant and designed to withstand heat and direct sunlight, these tanks work equally well for storing rain water.


To complement our huge line of poly water storage tanks, we also have many accessories such as trailers, pumps and heaters. We have everything you need to make the most of the water you’re storing.

Covering All Your Needs

We cover all possible types of water storage needs here at Enduraplas. All of our products feature high-quality polyethylene plastic that resists algae, and they can handle being placed in the direct sun. They are also designed to resist extreme temperatures. One big concern with traditional bulk water storage tanks is corrosion and erosion, and we have designed our plastic water storage tanks and chosen our materials to eliminate both of these issues.

Our pin-mount leg construction removes the maintenance associated with banded legs and reduces wear that can occur over time. For peace of mind and confidence in your water storage, trust Enduraplas. Through careful study, we have determined what our private and professional customers require in terms of value, safety, reliability and durability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing a small amount of water for your family in case of an emergency, several thousand gallons of rainwater for irrigating your crops or keeping a large volume for water for drinking, with Enduraplas you can rest assured your water will be safe and sound. Explore our inventory or call us at (877) 877-4370 to find the perfect water storage solution for your needs.