Pickup Tanks

Water and liquid storage isn’t helpful unless it’s easily transportable. That’s why you’ll find a full line of truck-bed water tanks at Enduraplas. These pick-up tanks carry heavy-duty drinking water wherever you need it to go. The tanks come in a variety of capacities, and you can find a model to fit most any major truck make and model. With Enduraplas, you get the truck-bed water tanks you need to keep your business moving forward.

Meeting FDA and Other Regulations

Federal regulations dictate the types of material that are safe for transporting potable water. At Enduraplas, you’ll only find products that meet the most up-to-date specifications. We adhere to FDA regulations, because we want your water to be refreshing and perfectly safe for drinking once it reaches its destination. Our food-grade truck-bed water tanks are made of resin that protects the water and those who drink it.

Tough, Durable Storage for Transport

If you need truck-bed water tanks, you most likely need them for tough jobs. That’s why we construct our pick-up tanks to be durable and deliver long-term performance in harsh conditions and environments. Whether you’re taking your truck-bed water tanks down highways, dirt roads or off road, you’ll appreciate the seamless construction that protects against breaks, leaks and other damage. Water is vital to your organization — ensure your water arrives safely with the right truck-bed water tank.

Your Partner in Water Storage

At Enduraplas, we focus on superior design to provide water and liquid storage products that make a difference. When you rely on truck-bed storage tanks, we are your source for honest, responsible and trustworthy service. We offer the pick-up tanks you need, and we offer them in full confidence that our rigorous development process has led to a quality product you won’t find elsewhere. When you need toughness in a truck-bed water tank that goes where you need it to go day after day, turn to Enduraplas.

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