12 Volt Gold Series

Enduraplas Spot Sprayers

When you have spraying to do away from your buildings, it can be a hassle to have to run back and forth to refill a hand sprayer. That’s where an Enduraplas spot sprayer comes in handy. Easily transportable and available in multiple sizes (from 25 gallons to over 70 gallons), a spot sprayer is the perfect companion for those with a large property. A spot sprayer can even be useful on smaller farms and ranches when you have spraying to do in different areas. Our spot sprayers and tanks are reliable, powerful and easy to use, making all of your spraying tasks easy and painless.

Different Sizes for Different Jobs

At Enduraplas, we pride ourselves on our wide range of products and variety of sizes. This includes our 12-volt spot sprayer lineup. We have smaller spot sprayer tanks that are easy to load into your truck or ATV and carry out to your spray site, and there are larger models that give you more volume of spray but still provide the flexibility of a portable unit. Check out the great features of our spot sprayers:

  • Chemically-resistant poly construction for the tank and body.
  • Corrosion-resistant steel frames and guards.
  • Coiled, chemically-resistant hoses (in various lengths).
  • 12-volt pumps providing high flow for high-volume spraying.
  • Boomless (hand-held) adjustable nozzles for accurate spraying.
  • Manual bypass regulators for steady line pressure.


Simply choose the size of sprayer and tank volume that suits your typical spraying from our online catalog. We use quality pumps and materials to ensure you can count on your sprayer. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of your property for a spraying job and finding your equipment won’t work. High-quality Enduraplas spot sprayers are always ready to fire up and provide the spray flow and volume you require.

Easy to Transport

We know most of our customers will move their spot sprayers around, so we designed them for easy installation and use in the back of a pickup truck, ATV or trailer. A sturdy steel frame protects your sprayer and makes it easy to strap your sprayer down. You can even bolt it in place if you want to keep your sprayer attached to your ATV or trailer, and you have easy access to fill the tank and operate the pump.

The controls for the spray nozzle are right on the handle, so you can adjust as you spray. An Enduraplas spot sprayer will be your reliable partner for all your spraying needs. To learn more about all of our 12-volt spot sprayers, check out our catalog or give us a call at (877) 877-4370.