UTV Sprayers

The Enduraplas® UTV sprayer is Engineered For Endurance™

Designed and Engineered from the ground up by Enduraplas®, these boom sprayers are built to fit into your UTV bed. These skid sprayers come with unique features you won’t find on any other UTV boom sprayer. This complete UTV boomless sprayer range includes sprayer rigs for every UTV spraying application. Our most popular skid sprayer 10 to 1 is the Field Boss™ sprayer range. Browse through these UTV sprayers to learn more about the benefits included.

UTV boom sprayer best uses:

Our boomless pasture sprayers and UTV boom sprayers were designed to be used in a wide range of spraying application. That was because our customers were asking for a for a sprayer they could take to areas they could only get in there UTV. When we designed these UTV sprayer rigs, we wanted it to be not only a nice to have but a must to have. The 1000′s of users that already own an Enduraplas® utv sprayer boomless use it for some of the below applications. We have even had customer tell us that the utv skid sprayer they purchased has helped them pay off their utility vehicle.

Some of the best uses for these UTV sprayers are:

  • Spraying field corners
  • Boom praying
  • Spot spraying
  • Tree spraying
  • Spraying on wet fields
  • Spraying near waterways
  • Spraying near highland poles
  • Spraying sports fields
  • Spraying ditches
  • Fence lines
  • Sidewalks
  • Etc.

The 3 best features on this skid sprayer:

While these UTV sprayers come with many benefits you won’t find anywhere else, we would like to focus on 3 features that you should know about. These features are unique to Enduraplas® and were originally requested from our customers. Our goal is to build sprayers that are easier to use and above all, efficient.

  1. Manufacturing quality control – Unlike all other sprayer manufacturers, we have complete control of the quality of our sprayer tank and frame. This allows us to control the quality right from raw materials to completed product.
  2. Tough tank – Our skid sprayer tanks are the toughest in the industry, bar none. This is why we can back them with an industry leading warranty.
  3. Quality components – We only use quality components to complete our plumbing. These brands include Honda® engines, Banjo® fittings, etc. This helps eliminate failure or leaks when you are spraying.

2 popular boomless sprayer sizes:

Although some ranges of our utv attachment sprayers come in 4 sizes, our most popular sprayer comes in 2 common sizes. The UTV Field Boss™ sprayer is available in 60 gallons and 100 gallons. Both these 60 and 100 gallon utv sprayers are popular because they hold a perfect amount of water or liquid without being too much payload for the side by side. The other UTV skid sprayer ranges come in 25, 55, 75 and 100 gallon sizes.

What brand of UTV’s can these boom sprayers be used on?

These 60 and 100 gallon utv sprayers have been designed to be as universal as possible. While each brand of side by side bed is slightly different size, these brands can all fit the Enduraplas® skid sprayer. There are several other brands of UTV’s that are not mentioned here that can also hold our UTV boom sprayers.

  • John Deere Gator
  • Gravely Atlas JSV
  • Arctic Cat Prowler
  • Kubota RTV
  • Kawasaki Mule
  • Polaris Ranger

Best in the business UTV sprayer warranty: 10 years

It would be stupid not to mention the industry leading 10 year tank warranty on the Enduraplas® UTV boom sprayer. After many durability tank tests, we have proved that our tanks are Engineered For Endurance™. Unlike many other boomless pasture sprayers on the market, these sprayers are designed with longevity in mind. We know these utv sprayers will definitely last longer than the industry norm.

Enduraplas® skid sprayer attachments:

We offer many sprayer attachments that will help you spray more effectively. Each attachment has a unique application. These sprayer attachments are built with high quality components and have been tested to ensure the liquid is being applied evenly across all boom nozzles.

Some popular sprayer boom attachments are:

  • Steel boom – This boom is available in 4 widths. 13, 20, 26 and 30 feet.
  • Poly boom – This boom is available in 4 widths. 13, 20, 26 and 30 feet.
  • Versatile boom – This boom is available in 1 width. It sprays 15 feet.
  • Boomless nozzle – This boomless nozzle kits are available in 2 spraying widths. 26 and 30 feet.

The best UTV sprayer: Where can you buy the them?

The Enduraplas® UTV boomless sprayer is only sold through local Enduraplas® dealers. These dealers will help you make the right decision that fits your side by side spraying application. You can contact us and we will answer any questions you have regarding these utility sprayers. We will then connect you with your closest dealer where you will get your best price.