Tractor Sprayers

Enduraplas® 3 point sprayers are Engineered For Endurance™

The new Land Champ™ 3 point pto sprayer is designed to quickly hitch to your tractor. This 3 point hitch sprayer range includes many extra user friendly features you will struggle to find on any other boom sprayer. Built from customer feedback, these pto sprayers for tractors come in 2 popular sizes. They are available with 2 types of high quality pto pumps. Browse through these Land Champ™ 3 point hitch sprayers to learn more about the benefits included.


This Land Champ™ 3 point pto sprayer best uses:

Our customers tell us that this new Land Champ™ pto boom sprayer can be used in many unique applications. Spraying with a 3 point hitch pto sprayer can be very efficient if you are doing it properly. While it helps pay of your tractor, it also allows you to get to sections of the field you can’t get to with any other machinery.

Some of the best uses for these 3 point agricultural sprayers are:

  • Field corners
  • Wet fields
  • Near waterways
  • Near highland poles
  • Sports fields
  • Ditches
  • Etc.

The 3 best features on this 3 point hitch sprayer:

While these pto sprayers for tractors come with several features that make it unique, there are 3 benefits that need to be recognized.

  1. Integrated forkable points – These 3 point hitch sprayers are very easy to move once they have been unhitched from your tractor. The Land Champ™ includes forkable points to make storage simple.
  2. Boom selection and pressure control – This 3 point boomless sprayer now allows you to easily operate your boom from your seat. All you have to do is turn around and adjust your boom.
  3. The new design counterbalance tank – The perfect shaped tank on the Land Camp™ was designed and engineered with safety in mind. This tank shape moves a large portion of the weight closer to the rear wheels of your tractor. This means when you are spraying on hills, you are less likely to roll or tip your tractor.

2 popular 3pt sprayer sizes available:

This tractor sprayer 3 point hitch sprayer is available in 2 popular sizes. 100 gallons and 200 gallons. The 200 gallon 3 point hitch sprayer is our largest size of Land Champ™ and this point. We are looking to expand our range in the future.

What brand of tractors can this 3 point sprayer be used on?

This tractor pto driven 3 point hitch sprayer has been designed to be as universal as possible. While each brand of tractor hitch adjusts slightly different, these brands can all attach to the new Land Champ™ tractor sprayer. There are several other brands of tractors that are not mentioned here that can also hitch to our tractor sprayer 3 point hitch.

  • New Holland®
  • John Deere®
  • Case IH®
  • Mahindra®
  • Kubota®

Best in the business boom sprayer warranty: 10 years

It would be stupid to not mention the industry leading 10 year tank warranty on the Land Champ™. After many durability tank tests, we have proved that our tanks are Engineered For Endurance™. Unlike many other 3 point sprayers on the market, the Land Champ™ is designed with longevity in mind. We know this sprayer will definitely last longer than the industry norm.

3 point sprayer for sale: Where can you buy the Land Champ™?

The Land Champ™ 3 point boomless and boom sprayers are only sold through local Enduraplas® dealers. These dealers will help you make the right decision that fits your tractor spraying application. You can contact us and we will answer any questions you have regarding these new pto boom sprayers. We will then connect you with your closest dealer where you will get your best price.