Tow Behind Sprayers

A tow behind sprayer offers a flexible, portable solution for applying pesticides, herbicides or liquid fertilizer over a wide area. Just hook it up to your ATV or your UTV, and you’re ready to go!

If you are looking for a heavy duty tow behind sprayer trailer at the best price, you are in the right place. Enduraplas offers a wide selection of tow behind sprayer trailers for just about any application. These 12 volt and gas powered trailer sprayers work perfect behind your ATV or UTV. With an adjustable tow hitch you can hook it up in seconds. These small spray trailers are available with a large range of booms spraying up to 26′.

Key Tow Behind Sprayer Trailer Features and Benefits

You can choose a trailer sprayer with boom in either a 55-gallon or 100-gallon liquid capacity, which meets the spraying requirements for smaller as well as larger properties. All units come with boom mount brackets included.

The adjustable tow hitch simplifies the process of attaching the sprayer trailer to your vehicle, allowing you to get to the field faster. The gas powered models are equipped with a powerful 2.9 GPM 4-stroke Honda engine, while the battery powered units come with an efficient 2 GPM or 4 GPM 12-volt pump. A pump cover is also included to protect your investment.

ATV/UTV Spray Trailer Featuring Sturdy Construction

An Enduraplas tow behind sprayer trailer is built to handle even the most challenging operating conditions. The UV stabilized rotational molded tank can withstand the harshest environments with no concerns about puncturing, leaking or other damage.

The boom and the boom mounting are designed so that when the boom strikes an object, it simply springs back into place with no damage. The hot-dipped galvanized frame with heavy-duty fenders add to the sprayer trailer’s remarkable durability. High-flotation ATV tires with four stud mounting hubs can navigate rough, uneven terrain with ease.

Expert Assistance in the Sprayer Trailer Selection Process

Choosing a tow behind sprayer can be a difficult process. You’ll have to decide whether a gas or battery powered model is better for your needs. You’ll also have to determine whether you need a boom or a boomless version, as well as the appropriate boom length.

Enduraplas has the experience and expertise to help you make the best selection for your agricultural operation. We have a network of authorized dealers throughout North America who are ready to assist you. You can also contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to address your questions.