Fire Control Sprayers

Enduraplas Firefighting Sprayers

It seems like every year there are more and more reports of forest fires in the US. When they hit close to home, you want to be prepared. In the case of large uncontrolled forest fires, especially in windy situations, it is important to listen to the authorities and follow all evacuation warnings. But being equipped with firefighting equipment can help you ensure your family, property, business and livestock are safe from harm.

In some cases, you can help prevent a small forest fire from becoming a raging inferno by stopping it when it starts. To be sure you have the best chances of combatting a forest fire, make sure you choose quality, reliable equipment from Enduraplas.

Use Extreme Caution

We are proud to offer some of the best civilian firefighting sprayers on the market. But before we talk equipment, we want to remind you of the extreme danger you face when confronted with a forest fire. If you see a forest fire, make sure to contact the authorities as quickly as possible. They’re trained and equipped to deal with all sizes of fires. Once they’re on the way, you can actively participate to protect your family and property. It all starts with making a plan, long before a fire breaks out:

  1. Create and practice a fire escape plan.
  2. Install smoke alarms throughout your home.
  3. Ensure you have the right firefighting sprayers to protect your property.


Once you, your family and your employees are aware of your fire escape plan and you have smoke alarms installed, it’s time to choose your Enduraplas firefighting sprayers. We have a wide range of products that offer superior quality and great value.

Choosing the Right Equipment

The firefighting equipment you choose needs to be adapted to your vehicles. We have tanks and sprayers that mount into pickups or UTVs. They’re quick to install, meaning you lose less time when a fire breaks out. Thanks to our quality poly tank construction, reliable Honda gas motors and high-flow / high-pressure hoses and nozzles, you’re giving yourself the best chances at putting out a fire before it does significant damage to your property or gets completely out of hand.

If your property is surrounded by bush and forest, make sure you’re ready in case a forest fire breaks out. Equipping yourself with firefighting sprayers and tanks provides peace of mind, and when you choose Enduraplas, you know it’s going to work when you need it.