ATV Sprayers

An ATV-mounted spray tank is the ultimate in convenience for all of your spraying needs. ATVs allow you to go off road where your pickup won’t fit, and they give you a narrow width and small turning radius for the utmost in flexibility and agility.

Enduraplas ATV spray tanks are designed to be operated from the seat, saving you time. No need to stop, get off and fire up your sprayer. You can continue spraying as you drive. Whether you’re using fresh water, fertilizer or weed control products, you can cover large areas in a short time with one of our ATV-mounted tank sprayers. To offer even more flexibility, we have hand-operated nozzle or boom sprayer versions, depending on the surface and distance you have to cover.

Suits All Properties

Many of our customers with large properties choose our portable spot spray units for big jobs. But many also like to have a handy ATV sprayer tank as well, for those times when they want to do spraying on remote areas of their farm or ranch. These sprayers are designed to be installed on quad bikes and four wheelers, so they’re quick and easy to install and remove. We carry many different models of ATV sprayer tanks, but they include these great features:

  • Chemical-resistant polyethylene tanks.
  • Available with a boom for a wide spraying pattern or a hand-held spot nozzle.
  • 15- to 25-gallon tank capacity.
  • Ease of use from the seat of your ATV.
  • Some models come with an additional 1-gallon fresh water tank for cleaning.


An ATV tank sprayer is a huge convenience. Even if you don’t have a farm or ranch but you have a large property around your house, an ATV spray tank is a good idea to own. You can quickly move around your property and take care of all of your watering, fertilizing and weed control jobs.

Excuses to Spray

When you see just how easy our ATV sprayers are to use, you’ll start looking for new reasons to get out and spray! From the comfort of your seat, you can adjust your spray for optimal coverage and flow. Our sprayers combine sturdy, durable construction with lightweight materials to make them easy to install and transport on the back of your quad or four-wheeler.

Check out our catalog and learn even more about our collection of ATV sprayer tanks. With Enduraplas, you are getting quality materials and construction for a reliable sprayer that won’t let you down. You can also give us a call at (877) 877-4370 if you have any questions.