Nurse Trailers

Enduraplas is your headquarters for a wide assortment of effective and reliable fertilizer management solutions. We’re your best source for liquid nurse trailers for safe and efficient liquid fertilizer transportation to the field. We offer a large range of nurse trailers that are available with several plumbing packages. Enduraplas nurse wagons are DOT approved for highway use. These Nurse tank trailers also come as an agriculture off-road trailer that is perfect for hauling water and liquid fertilizer around the farm.

Key Nurse Trailer Features and Benefits

Our fertilizer nurse trailers are available with tank capacities ranging from 500 to 1,600 gallons, and their sump tanks are fully drainable. The nurse tanks are also equipped with a powerful and efficient 6.5-hp Briggs & Stratton engine or a Honda motor with a 2” banjo pump. Both are designed and built for reliability in all types of operating conditions.

Your nurse wagon comes ready for the highway. It’s equipped with LED lights and electric brakes for daytime or nighttime towing behind your vehicle. The built-in step and hoses with sweep elbows ensure fast tank filling so you won’t waste valuable time filling up and getting to the field. The sweep elbows alone can reduce filling times by as much as 29%.

Offering High-Quality Fertilizer Management Solutions for a Quarter Century

Our fertilizer management products have been helping professional growers since 1990. The Enduraplas brand has been a staple among North American agricultural and farming professionals since 2003. Our nurse trailers and other fertilizer management systems are manufactured to the highest standards for quality and performance. It’s all part of fulfilling our mission of helping our customers more efficiently manage liquid through superior design and available resources.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Fertilizer Nurse Trailers

We sell our nurse trailers and other liquid management products through an extensive dealer network covering the United States and North America. You can learn more about the Enduraplas nurse trailer inventory by contacting the authorized dealer near you. You can also get in touch with us directly for additional product and pricing information.