Cone Bottom Storage Tanks

Plastic cone bottom storage tanks are an essential part of safe, effective fertilizer management in farms, nurseries and other agricultural operations. As a leading partner to these and other organizations, Enduraplas is proud to offer an extensive selection of fertilizer tanks in a range of sizes and configurations. Browse our complete lineup of cone bottom tanks below, or contact our office for direct assistance from one of our knowledgeable specialists. All Enduraplas products are made in the U.S.A. for superior craftsmanship and quality.

Enduraplas’ conical tanks are an ideal choice for storing either fertilizer or water. Our fertilizer tanks range in capacity from 1,200 to 10,000 gallons, and they feature heavy-duty plastic construction, a durable steel frame, four positive tie-down points for secure storage and a 15˚ conical bottom that allows them to be quickly emptied as necessary. Whatever the task entails, you’ll find the right storage solution in our lineup of cone bottom tanks.

Our products are built tough and backed by a seven-year warranty, ensuring they will stand up to outdoor use in the harshest environmental conditions as well as any other demanding applications. When it’s time to expand your operation or replace an aging cone bottom fertilizer tank, choose Enduraplas. Our products are engineered from the ground up for superior performance and value at a price point that’s right for your operation.

Why Choose Plastic Storage?

Enduraplas plastic cone bottom tanks offer a number of advantages over fiberglass products. These include:

  • Longer life. Fiberglass tanks can degrade over time, particularly when exposed to environmental stresses and harsh chemicals. Plastic cone bottom tanks, on the other hand, are naturally resistant to corrosion, impacts and UV damage, and they can be counted on to deliver reliable performance for a longer period of time in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Superior quality control. Whereas fiberglass tanks are made by hand, the manufacturing process for our tanks is fully automated, greatly reducing the risk of an error.
  • One-piece construction. Our cone bottom tanks feature seamless one-piece construction, which means fewer trouble spots where leaks can occur and less overall maintenance requirements.
  • Design flexibility. Cone bottom tanks are available in a wider range of shapes and sizes, making them the only choice for high-volume industrial farming applications.
  • Cost. Plastic cone bottom tanks are the affordable choice, both in terms of purchase price and ongoing ownership requirements. Compare our products to the competition and see the benefits for yourself!


Despite these clear advantages, not all plastic cone bottom tanks are created equal. Enduraplas products feature a rotationally molded cross rib structure that provides industry-leading strength and durability. Extensive quality control, including drop and thickness testing, ensures each of our cone bottom fertilizer tanks meet the high standards our customers demand.

Customized Solutions for Demanding Applications

Our cone bottom tanks are available in multiple different colors, sizes, and configurations. If your operation has specialized requirements that can’t be met with an off-the-shelf product, contact our office to discuss your options. We have been a pioneer in cone bottom fertilizer tanks since 2003, and we are committed to working with our customers to find solutions to any engineering challenge.

If you haven’t experienced Enduraplas, it’s time to get on board. Manufactured and made in the U.S.A. – our tanks are the number once choice in fertilizer and water storage. For a quote and to find your nearest dealer, give us a call or contact us online for a fast and friendly quote!